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Every person in the world wants to keep the hair on his or her head but it has become a real problem nowadays. It has become a matter of real concern, especially for women. The main reason why that is so is because hair is a very important feature of a woman and a woman whose hair is good will receive a lot of attention. Men also face this problem more often but it is a bit easier for men to cope with the problem than it is for women. A man can shave the entire head if he goes bald and still look good. On the other hand, women would not look good if they did that. This is why it is important for women to keep the hair on their head. Women should know that there are several causes that lead to hair loss before the age of 30. However, women should not lose hope because there are treatments that might help.

Causes of hair loss in women younger than 30 years of age

People should know that androgenic alopecia is a common type of hair loss and both men and women can end up suffering from it. When women are affected by it, it is better known by the name of female pattern baldness. Apart from that, there are some other causes that lead to hair loss in women. Imbalanced diet, fungal infection of the scalp, hereditary problems, hormonal imbalance, low immunity and emotional stress are some of the most common causes. Apart from these, there are some other causes like radiation, surgery, certain diseases related to thyroid, hair products containing chemicals, excessive tying of hair in a particular style and medications.

Hair loss treatments

Before starting a treatment it is important that the real cause is discovered. A woman can achieve that by going to a hair specialist.

First of all, women should know that a natural treatment is always better due to no side effects. Women should also know that there is no treatment that will aid every woman. A woman can prevent hair loss by using natural herbal hair mix or natural products to shampoo and condition the hair. Massaging the scalp helps a lot. Women should also consume more fruits and salads. Some women claim that drinking 4 spoons of Indian gooseberry syrup and aloe syrup helps a lot as well. Avoiding excessive tying of hair is important as well. Women should also know that there are possible medical treatments as well.

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