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Facts about Gray Hair

Many people experience their hairturning gray at a certain point of their lives. This usually happensdue to aging since one's hair color pigment, melanin, stops beingproduced, leading to the growth of white hair out of the hairfollicles. However, there are cases when young people experiencepremature gray hair on their scalp. This, even though quiteunnatural, can happen due to many different reasons. Frighteningly,the case of young people or even children having gray hair has takenplace more often during recent years than ever before. Moreover,older people's hair tends to turn completely gray even after they arefifty, which, several decades ago, was a situation when peopleexperienced only moderate graying of hair. Clearly, something haschanged and people are losing their hair color more quickly recently.Still, the situation is far more serious once children and youngpeople are experiencing this phenomenon.

How Can Young People Have Gray Hair?

The most common reason for grayhair while still being young is genetics. Namely, if your parentsexperienced premature hair graying, you might be troubled by it too,even at a younger age. Hair graying may also be triggered by certainmedications which may have a negative side-effect affecting yourthyroid gland. Certain vitamin deficiencies, mostly in vitamin B12,can, and usually will, cause gray hair to appear on people,regardless of their age.

We already knowthat people who exposed themselves to stress excessively tend to growold more quickly, developing illnesses and having many healthproblems. In the same manner, stress may trigger premature hairgraying. Finally, smoking is known to contribute to this state ofaffairs, as well as some other, underlying diseases like albinism,vitiligo etc.

Possible Treatment for Premature GrayHair

As mentioned above, your nutritionplays an important role in your hair color and quality; so make sure you include vitamin B complex into your nutrition ortake it as a supplement. Also, you need to have sufficient amounts ofiron, sodium and copper, in order to preserve your natural haircolor.

Alternatively, you might give coconutoil massage a try, since it is famous for being capable of restoringyour hair its glow, making it stronger and full of color. A mixtureof dry gooseberry powder and oil may be a good remedy for thesepurposes too. Finally, using natural hair dyes can help you restoreyour lost color quickly and effectively.

The best prevention of this phenomenonis healthy living. Take good care of your life, eat well, exerciseregularly and avoid getting exposed to stress as much as you can.

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