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Male receding hairline or other types of hair loss and baldness are usually quite noticeable. Men are worried about it and look for the ways to solve it, and it seems that much less attention is being paid to female baldness, which is just as real and present.

Hair loss in women is not as easily observed as in men, possibly because of the variety of hairstyles which can be used to cover it up. In most women, it occurs in the crown area, behind the forehead and towards the back of the head.

Types of hair loss

While in men the typical form of hair loss is the receding hairline, in women the patters are somewhat different. The crown area, the top of the head and the front sides are the parts that are commonly affected by hair loss.

Hair loss happens for a number of reasons, but it is believed that hormones and genes play the crucial role. There are other reasons for hair loss too, for example stress, injury, skin conditions, radiation and chemotherapy. The hair also suffers from certain styling procedures, for example perms, bleaching, dying, frequent blow-drying and similar.

Women often notice a certain amount of hair loss during pregnancy or in menopause. In pregnancy, the hair comes back to normal as soon as the hormones come back to balance after the delivery. In menopause, it can be treated the same way as other symptoms of menopause, for example through hormone replacement therapy.

Solutions for hair lossHair loss can be permanent or temporary. There is not much that can be done in case of permanent hair loss. It can help to try out certain hair styles, for example backcombing, which covers the bald spots.

People who notice the signs of hair loss can do certain things to postpone it or even to prevent it. It is very important what kind of products are used on the hair. Some shampoos are too harsh and they damage the roots of the hair, not to mention the skin of the head.

Sometimes people try to cover their bald spots by dying the hair. This can be useful, but more often it just causes further damage. Chemicals used in hair dye are very harsh and they should be used with caution.

There is a myth that tying the hair tight before bedtime can prevent hair loss. This is absolutely not true. In fact, pulling of the skin loosens the roots and actually aggravates the problem. The hairstyle should always be as comfortable as possible, in order to allow the roots to breathe and regenerate.

Brushing is also important. Regular brushing stimulates circulation and provides nutrients to the roots and the hairs, but it should be gentle, without pulling the hair.

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