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Good for Some, Bad for Others

We have all heard numerous differentstories and research results claiming how honey is excellent for ourhealth. This is true, but we need to bear several things in mind.Namely, even though honey, in most of its forms, both raw and refinedis very good for the well-being of children and adults, infants whoare below 12 months of age are supposed to avoid honey at all costs.Babies and very small children may develop numerous health problemsfrom honey consumption. Therefore, do not feed them neither raw honeynor any of the honey products available at the supermarket. Dosage,quantity or type make no difference. Infants should not consume honeyin any of its forms.

General Benefits of Raw Honey

This incredibly healthy substance seemsto be solely able of doing us good. It is excellent for our stomachand intestinal health in general, as it fights off numerousinfections caused by viral or bacterial actions. Moreover, honeyusage does not stop at eating it. Rather, whenever suffering from anexternal wound, swelling or inflammation, applying raw honeytopically is a very good, natural cure. This is why many creams,lotions and other skin care products contain honey extracts as on oftheir main ingredients. Nevertheless, believe it or not, no matterhow healthy it is, raw honey may still be able to harm us, undercertain circumstances.

Bad Sides of Raw Honey

Even though extremely healthy, thispowerful flower nectar contains many things which may be potentiallyharmful for us as well. Firstly, this raw variant of honey has notbeen filtered or refined in any possible way. Thereby, it may havebee wings as well as different natural debris inside of it. Also,taking into consideration the fact that this honey may be made fromsome flowers which have been exposed to chemicals of sorts, or, arepoisonous by nature, it is possible that these same chemicals andharmful substances are present in the nectar too. Finally, asmentioned above, honey contains specific toxins which may cause nervedamage to infants and eventually lead to death. If your baby startsbeing constipated, feeling weak or without appetite after eatinghoney, seek medical attention immediately. For these reasons, makesure your baby does not consume raw honey until he or she is morethan 3 years old.

Other than these known bad sides, honeyis more than good for your health and you are highly advised toconsume it, taking into consideration and avoiding all of thepossible problems mentioned here.

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