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Honey and apple cider vinegar are both very good for people’s health. When used in a combination, a person can solve the whole range of different health conditions with the two.

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar obtained from fermentation of apple cider. Sugar from it is decomposed by bacteria and alcohol is decomposed by yeast. These two processes together are actually the process of fermentation.

Honey is traditional, well-known type of food. It has a delicious, sweet taste and is made by bees. It can be used instead of sugar, being the healthier option.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple cider vinegar is used to ease sinus infections. It can also be used for healing sore throat. Additionally, it balances cholesterol in one’s blood and is known to be quite beneficial for treating acne and some other forms of skin conditions.

Apple cider vinegar is additionally applied in case of genital warts. It also gives us energy and boosts our immune system. Our stomach may benefit from apple cider vinegar as well since it helps us eliminate constipation and generally improves digestion. Furthermore, it can help us overcome food poisoning and ease symptoms of allergies.

Apple cider can be consumed after workouts to refresh and rejuvenate muscles. Mixed with water and taken on a daily basis, it will help you lose weight and, if you happen to suffer from gout or arthritis, apple cider vinegar can ease the associated pain.

Urinary infections and bladder stones can also be dealt with through regular consumption of apple cider vinegar. Moreover, its acidic characteristics are helpful for getting rid of bad breath and halitosis. It is rich in sulfur which may decrease symptoms of aging.

Women can get rid of age spots and also reduce cellulite when they use apple cider vinegar regularly.

Finally, apple cider vinegar balances blood pressure and helps people who suffer from diabetes.Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is, for instance, helpful for treating arthritis. When mixed with warm water and cinnamon, it eases arthritis pain. One can rub this paste on the affected joints and the pain will slowly decrease.

Honey is a great product for skin problems too. Additionally, it can prevent baldness and stimulate hair growth. Warm olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and little bit of cinnamon powder can be put on one’s head to treat hair loss. The same paste can help with toothache (note that this is only temporary solution for painful tooth, since you need to visit your dentist for permanent treatments of dental issues).

Honey can lower down the rate of bad cholesterol. When combined with cinnamon or garlic it can even treat common cold while in combination with cinnamon or apple cider vinegar it can easily deal with gastrointestinal problems.

The combination of honey and apple cider vinegar can help one detoxify his/her body. People also use apple cider vinegar and honey to stop aging. The mixture of the two is great to lose weight since they eliminate the remains of food from the body, balancing the cholesterol levels, maintaining proper blood pressure at the same time. It is good to consume the two in the summer since these will prevent one from feeling exhausted from heat.

One should definitely enjoy apple cider vinegar and honey on regular basis to retain good health and young look.Is Raw Honey Dangerous?

Even though honey, in most of its forms, both raw and refined is very good for the well-being of children and adults, infants who are below 12 months of age are supposed to avoid honey at all costs. Babies and very small children may develop numerous health problems from honey consumption. Therefore, do not feed them neither raw honey nor any of honey products available at the supermarket. Dosage, quantity or type make no difference. Infants should not consume honey in any of its forms.

If your baby starts being constipated, feeling weak or without appetite after eating honey, seek medical attention immediately. For these reasons, make sure your baby does not consume raw honey until he or she is more than 3 years old.

As far all healthy people are concerned, this powerful flower nectar contains many things which may be potentially harmful for humans as well.

Firstly, raw variants of honey are not filtered or refined in any possible way. Thereby, they may have bee wings as well as different natural debris inside. Also, this honey may be made from some flowers which have been exposed to chemicals of sorts, or are poisonous by nature. Thus, such chemicals and harmful substances can be present in the nectar too.

To sum up, both apple cider vinegar and honey are excellent tools for maintaining your bodily health. However, be careful about who uses these substances and where you obtain them from. Make sure you seek only what is best for your health and the health of your family.

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