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Clover honey facts

Overview and facts

Just as with every food type and its varieties, so is the case with honey. Aside from those most familiar, there are a number of those less talked varieties, such as the clover honey. This variety of honey is characterized by a specific but extremely savory and moderately strong taste. One interesting fact is that, on the US soil, it is produced in much greater quantities than any other specially flavored honey variety. Having production in mind, it is acquired by means of feeding the bees with the nectar coming from the fruits of the clover plant. The extremely aromatic herb in question in turn produces distinct aromatic nectar that, once consumed by bees, comes out in the form of a honey enriched with a grassy overtone. This variety of honey is mostly employed during cooking and also as a condiment.

When it comes to acquiring clover honey of most excellent quality, certain factors do play an extremely important role. Namely, the first relates to the time of the year in which this honey variety is produced, and this is known to provide for the lavish and savory flavor of the honey. Regarded as the most favorable are summer and late spring, since during these periods the concentration of moisture is decreasing, which has the effect on the plants making them extremely desirable when it comes to the production of nectar. Another extremely important point to pay special attention to is the “food” bees are fed on. In the greatest number of cases, beekeepers tend to control what the bees consume, urging them to take in only the nectar coming from clover. In case it happens that bees have consumed some other type of nectar, than this inevitably affects the flavor of the clover honey. The last but not the least is the type of the production process, i.e. the procedure itself. In the prevailing number of cases, the honey itself is pasteurized for the purpose of exterminating all the bacteria and removing of any existing impurity. On the other hand, this can also affect the overall flavor of the honey by direct effect on its mild taste characteristics. Because of this, certain people do find it more appealing to consume it in its raw and natural form.


The honey variety in question has been employed as a quite effective natural remedy ever since the time of Hippocrates, as well as in the Chinese medicine. It is known to possess strong recuperating characteristics and effects when applied on the wound itself. The fact that it abounds in vitamin C, as well as that it contains potassium, iron and copper, further adds up to its healing potential when it comes to various injuries. In addition, this honey variety is known to possess strong anti-aging properties and is effective in bringing blood pressure to normal. 

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