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Cancer is the deadliest medical condition and it is only curable if the diagnosis is set at the very beginning of the disease. This is why prevention together with the early diagnosis counts most. Numerous studies have been trying to figure out how certain cancers can be avoided. Some of them succeeded and now we know how to maintain our health and prevent ourselves from this horrible disease. On the other hand, a lot of cancers cannot be properly prevented so the only solution for them is early detection.

It is amassing how food can influence the onset of cancer. Approximately one third of all cancers are food related. This is why proper dietary regimes can be rather efficient measure of protection. Healthy food can be also good in prevention of other medical conditions apart from cancer and this has to be taken into consideration once we decide to start eating healthier.

Proper Diet in Cancer Prevention

People are advised to consume a variety of foods. This especially refers to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Whole grains are much better than refined ones and if one consumes meat the best option is lean meat, skinless poultry or fish. Low-fat dairy products are also good. And one should keep away from sweets and too much sugar.

Obese people are more susceptible to some types of cancer. Restriction in saturated fats and cholesterol will only help with obesity issues, but it can also prevent colorectal cancer. Foods rich in fats can be also a culprit of breast cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer.

Foods rich in fibers and low in starch are excellent protectors against colorectal cancer. They promote bowel movements and accelerate elimination of stool which contains numerous toxic substances and chemical compounds. Maximum 35g of fiber has to be taken on daily bases. Foods rich in fibers include whole grains, corn, rye and oats. Numerous fruit and vegetables also contain significant amounts of fiber.

Alcoholics consume too much alcohol drinks and this can lead to cancer of oral cavity or esophagus. These people are even more prone to liver cirrhosis and consequent liver cancer.

Vitamins and Cruciferous Vegetables

Vitamin A and C are effective in reduction of risk for some cancers. There are numerous fruit and vegetables rich in these two vitamins. Vitamin C is most present in citrus fruit such as lemon and orange.

Apart from these vitamins even cruciferous vegetables have been found effective in prevention from cancer. Take cabbage for example. It is an excellent source of both, fiber and vitamin C. Cruciferous vegetables also include broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and so on. Just by consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables one may satisfy the daily requires for vitamins and minerals and prevent cancer.

And finally, a change in habits is what counts most. Transfer from unhealthy diet to well and properly balanced and healthy diet is an excellent choice. This way not only will the majority of health conditions be prevented but the person will also feel and function much better.

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