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Raw honey is one of the best natural products you can find. This honey is not pasteurized, heated or treated in any way, and because of that is proven very good for you. Probably the best raw honey for you is the one made in the surrounding area, because it will be able to stimulate your immune system to specific components of your environment.

This type of honey is extremely rich in various nutrients, including carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and propolis. All these substances found in raw honey are useful for the human organism in different ways.

Who Can Use Raw Honey

People of all age are strongly advised to use raw honey for various situations and conditions. The only caution affects the children younger than 1 year of age. Very young kids should not take raw honey, because their gastrointestinal system is not so developed, so they could metabolize some harmful bacteria frequently found in the raw honey.

What is Raw Honey Good For

Raw honey is well known as energy booster. Every time you feel exhausted, tired or need some extra support for some action it is advised to take a little bit of honey. It will definitely reduce the tiredness and increase endurance you need at some particular moment. Carbohydrates present in the raw honey are responsible for this specific function of the raw honey.

Eating honey is also very good for your body and health. Local raw honey will prevent and heal many allergic reactions. It will boost your immune system, if used on a daily basis and prevent many allergies. Mixture of honey and lemon juice, if used regularly, is said to reduce your weight. Just one tablespoon of honey may also relieve morning sickness or cure your sore throat, caused by laryngitis or pharyngitis.

Mixed with cider vinegar, raw honey will help you relieve stomach pains or constipation, and some claim that this simple remedy works well for migraines, too.

Cinnamon and honey mixture is believed to be almost a miracle cure, dealing with bad breath, upset stomach, bladder infections, arthritis and even hair loss.

Apply raw honey on the face and wash it away with some warm water, if you want to have extremely soft skin. Applied to wounds, raw honey is an excellent healer, because it reduces the chances of wound infections and at the same time speeds up the recovery. It can also be helpful with burns, diabetic ulcers, bleeding gums, canker sores or eczemas on the skin.

Fertility problems in women and men impotence problems could be resolved by using warm raw goat milk and raw honey mixture.

As another potential use, raw honey is claimed to help people suffering from various tumors, keeping the primary tumor localized and aiding the efficacy of the anti-tumor medications.

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