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Soy - Good or Bad?

There are many people who have swappedtheir milk and protein consumption with soy. Namely, vegans, who donot drink cow or other animal milks, enjoy drinking soy milk, beingnatural and healthy. Also, many lactose intolerant people do the samething. Vegetarians, additionally, eat soy beans and use them as theirmain protein source, as well as vegans do.

All in all, soy has a great potentialand is very rich in various nutrients we need. Still, there arecertain things which people usually neglect. Basically, there arecertain hormones in soy beans, which can raise estrogen levels in aperson's body. This can have many unwanted effects. There are otherpotential side-effects of soy consumption people need to be aware of.Read on to get informed.

Positive and Negative Sides of Soy

Many researches were performed on thesoy milk formula which is given to lactose intolerant babiespredominantly, even though it is also consumed in many othersituations. The results have shown that this formula is 90% made ofproteins, which makes it an excellent source of these nutrients forall people.

Also, these researches, even thoughnoticing higher hormone levels in soy milk, concluded that it canhave no negative effects on either infants or adults.

However, this called for many othertests and researches regarding soy to be performed. The results have shown thatpeople with thyroid problems, especially those who take certainmedications for their health problems of this type, may be riskingtheir health seriously if they consume soy products and soy milk inthat respect. Nevertheless, these claims were proven groundlessthrough other analysis which took place afterward.

All in all, many different tests,researches and analysis have been performed world-wide. Generally, noharmful effects of soy were able to be proven. In fact, people inJapan have been consuming soy milk and soy in general for ages,without any global health effects. Additionally, vegetarians andvegans live happy and healthy lives regardless of the fact that theyconcentrate their diets around soy and soy products.

Nevertheless, the soy dispute stillexists, as many people are trying to prove the harmful characteristicsof this plant. We are only to wait, consuming soy or not, for theresults of these attitudes, learning whether this potent plant cantruly cause us harm or if this plant can do everything except beingharmful for our health.

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