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Natural honey is one of the healthiest and the most popular types of food. People have been using honey for more than 2,500 years. People eat honey since it is good for our bodies and we all also enjoy its delicious taste. Honey was used in India in their well-known traditional medicine Ayurveda. Nowadays, scientists are conducting researches about its good impact on the human health. One can consume honey in many different ways such as eating it with bread for breakfast, dissolving it in water or a herbal tea, eating it with a spoon directly from a jar (wooden or plastic spoon is to be used with honey). One can also make medicines on honey base such as adding sliced ginger root, cinnamon or other great things to it.

The most common usage of honey is as a sweetener. It contains about 69% glucose and fructose which make honey far healthier option than a regular sugar. Sugars from honey can be easily converted into glucose thus everybody even the people with sensitive stomach can use it (it is easy to digest honey).It is estimated that honey gives us about 64 calories per tablespoon which makes it excellent energy source. If consumed with warm water (one can dissolve a teaspoon of honey in warm water) it helps us digest the remains of food in stomach. One can regulate their body weight with honey especially if one mix it with lemon juice and cinnamon. Since honey is great ergogenic help it improves performance of athletes. In fact all people that like to work out can use honey to balance sugar level in blood, to restore glycogen and to relax and revive muscles. Further on, honey is generally big source of different vitamins and minerals. Honey is also natural antiseptic so it helps in healing wounds (it has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungi effect). Scientists proved that it stimulates renewing of wound tissues. Honey will help our bodies in getting rid of harmful free radicals and thus detoxify our bodies and boost our immunity systems. Good and healthy combination especially for skin is a combination of milk and honey.

Ginger is a very healthy plant that should be consumed on regular basis. It is known that it helps in digesting the food and it can also eliminate abdominal cramps. Ginger increases circulation by relaxing muscles and blood vessels. If one feels sick in the morning or generally suffers from nausea, they can eat ginger and ease these problems. Ginger is known to regulate cholesterol in the body by decreasing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). It can also help curing ulcers. Ginger is immunity booster and thus is helpful aid in combating flu and cold. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is useful for people suffering from arthritis.

One can mix these two mighty products and therefore get even better results. The combination of ginger and honey is a great way to fight cold and flu (it helps getting rid of cough, runny nose, sore throat etc). It also helps in healing asthma (little bit of pepper can be added for even stronger positive impact). Ginger and honey are known to improve digestion therefore one can eat them together or can also buy a ginger honey tonic.

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