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Once, not long ago,the greatest majority of hair loss disguisers, as well as hair thickeners, havebeen regarded as a highly undesirable option when it comes to dealing with thepremature hair loss, or hair loss in general. The main objection was that their effectivenesswas not on a desired level, and that they felt quite awkward and unnatural aswell. However, with the advancement of medicine and other related branches, thehair loss “solutions” also made a significant progress and recorded an increasein efficiency significantly. And this relates not only to their resistance, butalso appealing nature, i.e. the overall looks.

Techniques andmethods most employed

Putting the surgicalpractice and methods aside, regarded as the most effective and beneficial hairreplacement techniques include concealers, as well as the employment of varioushair systems. In order to make the matter less complicated, the latter rely onthe use of such aids as full wigs, hairpieces, extensions, toupees and weaves.One downside is, unfortunately, their considerably pricy upkeep, and inaddition, personal discomfort coming from the knowledge that a person inquestion is making use of one, especially in the company of other people. Theformer are present and available to the general public from not long ago, muchless than the above mentioned systems. Though often regarded as an even lesseffective solution, today the general opinion is increasingly starting tochange because of the fact that these have been more perfected, and are perhapsat this point, an even better solution than any of the hair systems available.


There are three majorvarieties of hair loss concealers. Namely, we have such concealers that paintthe hairless area (most often the scalp) in order for it to precisely match thecolor of the person’s hair, hair thickeners that densify the hair by means ofcoating and penetrating it, as well as encaptuirng moisture and volume-buildingproteins on the inside of the hair shaft and microfiber-applying concealers, which also boost the overall density of the person’s hair. The most frequentlyencountered forms are powders, creams and sprays.

Important notice isthat even though they do not carry in them any substance that has the abilityto effectively defeat hair loss, quite a lot of them do facilitate furtheremployment of an additional treatment therapy, such as the topical use ofminoxidil. The most prevalent downside is the factthat they do not come in many varieties, as well as a great palette of colorsto choose from.

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