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What one must know about gluten?

For all those people who may not be fortunate enough take the time to research into the various aspects of food varieties and their contents, this information will surely come in handy. The emphasis is on the protein known as gluten. The main sources of this protein are considered to be wheat, rye, oats and barley. Though it is generally regarded as a pretty harmless protein, it is known that people who are intolerant to gluten, are prone to developing allergic reactions and celiac disease, and that the protein in question has the potential to onset minor immune reactions in the small intestine. It is then that the person’s body starts forming antibodies in order to battle the existing “enemy”, i.e. gluten. A direct consequence of this mishap is the occurrence of both, the gastrointestinal, and those non-gastrointestinal manifestations. Among the most common ones are found bloating and gases, diarrhea, constipation, pain in abdomen, unknown weight loss, migraines and anemia. Due to the fact that a person’s intestine can suffer significant damage although no symptoms openly manifest, it is of utmost importance that all the people who are mentioned above keep their hands of the food varieties that consist of gluten, or even wheat. Exactly because of this, it is highly recommended to check the label displaying the content information prior to buying any variety of food.

Gluten rich foods

Discovering on your own can be quite an effort and time consuming. Due to suffering from any of the afore mentioned conditions, we will give you a list of most commonly consumed food that contains gluten in harmful dosages. To begin with are bagels, barley, biscuits, blue cheese, bran, bread, bread and bread crumbs, breaded fish and meat, as well as poultry, bread pudding, brewer’s yeast, cereal, cake, croissants, chicken nuggets, cookies, crackers, croutons, dumplings, doughnuts, edible starch, durum, emulsifiers, farina, flour made of wheat, tortillas made also from flour, fried vegetables, hamburger and hotdog buns, ice cream cones, macaroni, malt and malt flavoring, matzo, toasts, muffins, noodles, pancakes, pasta, pastries, pie and pizza crust, pretzels, rolls, rye, spaghetti, spelt, certain spice mixtures, soy sauce, suet, stuffing foods, modified food starch, tabbouleh (salad made with cracked wheat and finely chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs), wheat and wheat grass, wheat protein and waffles.

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