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Miraculous oil

There are quite a number of oil varieties that promise to bring back one’s hair in a matter of weeks but not all of them are actually effective. However, one of those already confirmed ones is castor oil, especially the one known as the Jamaican Black unrefined castor oil. In order for it to be effective and provide the best possible results, it needs to be applied on the desired spot (roots of the hair and one’s scalp primarily) on a regular basis.

When it comes to different varieties, the Jamaican Black has proved to be the most beneficial and result yielding. Another evident advantage is that it can be acquired at just about any drugstore, or grocery store. Many people, were first acquainted with Castor oil in their childhood, in the form of a fairly unpleasant tasting food supplement, but when it comes to putting hair loss to a halt, the past experience should be forgotten immediately. It is more than worth it once a person starts using it for the latter purposes for it will not be long until he discovers all the riches it has to offer.


It should be emphasized that the unrefined/purest form, of this oil, is the one that will benefit the most, since it is closest to the natural state. The best way to recognize it is by paying attention to its color – it is much darker than other types, the scent being far richer than in other varieties.

Plus sides

For those who are not that familiar with this specific type of natural oil, nor with its benefits, let me point out; it is rich in Omega-9 acids that have immense potential in keeping the hair properly moisturized, as well as protecting the person’s scalp from getting too dry. Diligent use of this oil has shown enormous improvements when it comes to reinitiating hair growth in a matter of just months; it also facilitates thickening of the person’s hair and decreases and protects hair from additional damage and harm. Another way to make the most of it is by mixing it with, a conditioner to get an even better and in depth conditioning treatment; if applied to the ends, it will make them shinier and less frizzy, hiding those split ends extremely well.

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