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When it comes to sleep disorders, sleep apnea is considered to be one of those more frequently occurring ones, but despite that, it is quite often difficult to discover and diagnose it. What have numerous clinical research studies discovered is that one particular medication is extremely effective in treating this awkward and to a certain extent even dangerous sleep related problem. In addition, this medication is also found on the list of those approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is therefore considered to be safe for employment in any sleep apnea treatment therapy. The main manifestation of the sleep related condition in question is that people suffering from it are prone to “miss on” on a couple of breaths during their nighttime sleep. On average, the pauses between the breaths are greater than 10 seconds and such bouts are known to have a quite frequent occurrence rate during one’s sleep. In case such bouts are more frequent than five in one hour, the condition is regarded as being a more severe one and also as potentially dangerous when it comes to the person in question.


In order to help you get a better and more complete image of sleep apnea, one of the most important things a person should know is that there exist three different varieties of the condition in question. And those are the following:

Central sleep apnea – is the variety that is known to befall less than 1% of people. The primary reason and the culprit for the occurrence of this specific type of apnea is the occurrence of imbalance of the brain’s respiratory control centres. Due to this, the person’s body finds it extremely difficult and almost impossible to keep an even respiratory rate. Another reason for this is the improper functioning of the neurological mechanism giving feedback that fails in checking if everything is going according to the plan.Obstructive sleep apnea – such conditions as obesity and numerous other factors have the tendency to induce the tissue softening in the areas surrounding the airway and to lower down the tone of the muscles. The direct consequence of this is, of course, missing on a breath, which on the other hand, severely obstructs the person’s sleep.Complex sleep apnea – represents a mixture of two of the above mentioned sleep apneas, and in most cases it occurs as a direct consequence of protracted obstructive sleep apnea.

Diagnosing and treatment

When it comes to successful diagnosing, the methods most commonly employed include the combination of the person’s medical history together with a series of tests, conducted in a laboratory, such as, polysomnography and pulse oximetry. As far as the treatment methods are concerned, they include surgery, employment of medication therapy and also specific changes in the person’s lifestyle.

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