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What is the main difference between push ups and bench press?Which one is better? These are the questions that people who begin with exercising andweight lifting always ask. Answers are not definite, since both are actuallyneeded.

Push ups

Push ups do not require any additional weight, so those canbe done almost everywhere. This exercise is simple, hands are placed on the ground,at the shoulder width, back and legs are up, while feet are the leverage.Lowering and lifting can be done in several methods, with different pace, andwith different distance between hands. Hands can be put really wide, which alsoactivates chest muscles, or they can be put next to each other, which activatetriceps. Level of legs can be changed, which also can affect different muscles.It is interesting that while performing push ups, abdominal muscles are alsoactive, keeping the stomach up, which helps in doing the exercise. There arealso some extreme variants of push ups, which would include using only fingers,not entire hands, fists instead of hands etc. Back standing push up might bethe most difficult one, since the entire body weight is lifted, which is not thecase with regular push ups.

Bench press

Difference between bench press and push ups is that spinedoes not feel any weight, since it is laid down on the bench. Also, the maindifference might be the fact that, while doing push ups, the body will get used tothe weight and at some point, push ups will become a bit easy. This is why pushups need some method of increasing weight while that is not a problem withbench press. Experiences are different; some say that push ups help with bench press, while some do not even think seriously of push ups.

We could say that lifted weight is the main difference betweenthese two activities. And also, bench press is more used by bodybuilders, whilepush ups are more for those that are focused on body fitness. Whatever thecase, it is important to know that using both exercises might be the best thingin order to activate all muscles in all possible ways. Still, those two arejust a drop in the sea of physical activities which must be used to create aperfectly fit and muscled body. Push ups vs. bench press – there is no winner or loser here or we can say that both are winners.

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