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When it comes to building strength, there are many exercises and techniques that should be performed, but it all comes down to one thing. Weight has to be used in order to stimulate the increase in the muscle growth. Weight used can can be just the body's weight, or it can be additional weight in the form of dumbbells, barbell and gym workout equipment. Muscle mass is increased due to the increase in the space between the muscle cells, and also with increasing the number of those cells and muscle fibers.
There are several different schedules that should be used in order to increase body strength. If a bulked up effect is not necessary, lean muscles can be created by performing exercises that use only the weight of the body. Most common exercise is a push up. It can be done is many variations, but it all comes down to lifting the weight with the help of arms. Since the body is in a horizontal position, the torso weight is effective lifted weight, while the weight of the legs is not that important. This is why at some point, push ups will become fairly easy to perform and when that happens, something has to be changed. Level of the legs can be heightened with the help of a chair, which will increase the lifted weight. Also, one hand push ups could be performed as one of the more intensive exercises. Reverse stand up push up can be performed and that is a push up that lifts the entire body's weight.
Pull ups
Push ups is one of the exercises that should be performed for increasing strength. There are other exercises you can do, one of the most effective is a pull up. This exercise requires a bar that is positioned at a height that when it's grabbed with the hande, your feet are off the floor. From that position you lift your body up until your chin reaches the bar without moving the body and with using the hands only, which is not easy at all.

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