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The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and very thin atthe same time. This area also usually shows the first signs of aging, stressand certain illnesses. Dry skin around the eyes may also occur in younger personsas well. As the skin is pretty much prone to dryness it can easily beaffiliated with fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin around the eyes can sometimesget quite distressing and uncomfortable, as well as embarrassing in certainsituations. When the dry skin around the eyes is left untreated it can lead toflaking, thinning and eventually wrinkles. It especially occurs in all theareas characterized by low humidity. All this occurs because there are nosufficient amounts of oil glands in the skin area around the eyes. Skin drynessmay also be triggered by certain other factors such as makeup, cosmetics andvarious different types of allergic reactions. Smokers often experience drynessof the skin around the eyes, so it is a very smart choice to quit smoking. There are other factors which may trigger thedryness and those include different types of illnesses, excessive bathing,malnutrition, constant late nights combined with inadequate amounts of sleepand even stress. Those who do not ingest sufficient amounts of vitamin A andvitamin B may also suffer from skin dryness. It is very important to ingest plenty of whole grains, fresh vegetablesand fresh fruits. Vitamin supplements may be of great help in certain cases.

Remedies for Dry Skin around the Eyes

There are certain rules which need to be followed in orderto get rid of dry skin around the eyes. It is a good idea to always use naturalremedies for the treatment of such skin problems. Mineral water can be usedvery efficiently in order to cleanse the facial skin. Aloe Vera gel can bemixed in with some sesame oil in order to prepare an excellent topical remedywhich needs to be applied directly on the skin around the eyes. Sesame oil isknown for being very helpful in relieving various different sorts of inflammatoryconditions. Cucumber can be used as a very potent eye toner. Proper hydrationwith plenty of water and proper skin moisturizing is of utmost importance.Proper rest and sleep are also very important in the treatment of dry skinaround the eyes. A steady exercise regime can also come in very handy.

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