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Puffy eyes is a term that refers to swelling of the eyelids. It usually develops during night while people sleep and it is most intensive and noticeable in the morning. Puffy eyes can occur due to many factors. The very skin of the eye lids is thin and rich in blood vessels. The extravasation of fluid from the blood vessels leads to their accumulation and consequent swelling.

If the condition occurs occasionally and there are no additional symptoms and signs a person should not worry and may chose one of many home remedies. But if puffy eyes frequently occur and especially if there are additional symptoms and signs (such as pain, blurry vision etc.) one is due to consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.Causes of Puffy Eyes in the Morning

Fluid retention is one of the leading causes of puffy eyes in the morning. The problem may also be associated with stress. In case a person is allergic to a certain substance if there is a contact with the particular substance his/ her eyes may become swollen.

Everybody knows that after we cry our eyes become edematous. The swelling of the eyes becomes even more prominent the following morning. One more common cause of puffy eyes in the morning is excessive intake of sodium. Sodium binds water and enhances its retention and consequent swelling of certain parts of the body. And finally, excess or lack of sleep as well as alcohol consumption may cause puffy eyes in the morning.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes in the Morning?

The first thing one should do in order to prevent swelling of the eyes is to get plenty of sleep. Proper sleep (6-8 hours) particularly if it is not interrupted is essential for normal functioning of the entire body and it prevents accumulation of the fluid in the eyelids. During sleep the head is supposed to be in a bit elevated position and on the pillow. This additionally prevents fluid retention in the eyelids.

The swelling of the eyes in the morning can be reduced with ice packs. The swollen area is treated with ice for 3-4 minutes. This effectively reduces swelling. Similar effect can be obtained if the eyes are washed with cold water. The desirable effects are also achieved with slices of cucumber which are supposed to be held on the swollen eyelids for several minutes.

In case one simply cannot change his/ her habits and the eyes are swollen even though they have been treated with ice and similar one can try one more method-a camouflage. Namely, a perfect make-up can make puffiness vanish. Normally, this method is frequently used by women since men generally do not wear make up.

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