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Pressure points for nausea

About Nausea

Nausea is very common. This not so particularly pleasant feeling can make a person vomit or feel like he/she is going to throw up and experience stomach discomfort. It can be caused by different factors, and in some cases it can be related to motion and sea sickness disorders. Right after the meal, nauseous feeling is usually caused by indigestion or sometimes by food poisoning. There is also a possibility to be allergic to the food you have just eaten and feel ready to vomit because of the reaction in your body. Pregnant women are very often complaining about nausea in the first trimester, while patients suffering from the stomach flu can experience nausea as one of the symptoms of the disease. Medications could provoke nausea as the adverse effect, too.

There are drugs used for treatment of nausea in certain cases, but they are not for everyone, especially not for pregnant women. Also, sometimes, even though these drugs are designed to relieve nauseous feeling, you can experience worsening of your condition after you took the medication.

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure and pressure points can be an instant and no-side-effects therapy whenever you feel nauseous. Just by applying pressure with your fingertips you can relieve this unpleasant feeling, whether it’s yours or someone else’s discomfort in question. You don’t need medications, consultation with the doctor or getting out from the comfort of your home.

Several spots on the body are well known as acupressure points that respond to nausea. First of all there is the webbing between your index finger and the thumb. Use the fingers of the other hand and press the webbing, looking for the most sensitive or even slightly painful spot. Press it down and you could expect to feel relieved and be without nausea after this.

Beginning of the wrist is another pressure spot. It works best if you apply the pressure on this point when nausea just started.

On your elbow is another acupressure point. On the inside of bicep tendon is the place which you should rub gently at times when you feel like you are going to throw up.

Between the collarbones there is yet another point that might be useful to relieve the nauseous feeling.

Knee joints contain acupressure points as well. Just one hand below the knee, directly on the bone is the spot useful for everyone who suffers from nausea. Pressing firmly that spot should ensure instant relief from nausea.

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