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Many problems regarding health can be eliminated with the use of acupressure. This ancient Chinese practice is the very popular throughout the world and we will bring it closer to you. Acupressure is a variation of acupuncture, since they are both based on the same principles. In both techniques pressure is used, but in the different way. Acupressure involves the use of elbow and fingers, while acupuncture uses needles for production of pressure. Balls and mats can also be used during acupressure procedure. People, especially in China, have a strong opinion regarding these methods, although there is no proof of the existence of any of the pressure points. But, people believe that many conditions can be improved if the points are stimulated in right order.

Weight Loss

There is a great demand for acupressure today. This is because the obesity is one of the mayor concerns in the today's world. The weight loss can be a result of acupressure, since it will improve metabolism and digestion, and most importantly, it controls the appetite. This is all done by applying pressure on certain locations. Also, negative emotions and stress will be removed during procedure. Negative energy is a term used in acupressure for negative emotions.

The acupressure can eliminate many influences that benefit the gathering of fat. So, when they are eliminated, the reduction can begin. The method can be done if the pressure points, which have to be used for this process, are known. Since the number of these points exceeds thousands, it can be difficult to exactly pinpoint them, though it is of utmost importance.

The pressure can be applied by massaging. As we have said, there are pressure points used for weight loss and they are called appetite control points. They are located in the area behind the ears. By stimulating these points, a person can control eating and eliminate the chances of overeating. The point inside the ankle, the spleen 6, balances relaxation, aids nutrient absorption, stimulates digestion and regulates the water metabolism. Pressure point called spleen 9, found behind the shin bone, is said to prevent the retention of fluid, while point stomach 36, located under the edge of the kneecap, reduces fatigue and improves digestion. On the end of an elbow there is a point called intestine 11 and it lowers blood pressure. Stress can be reduced by applying pressure on the liver 3 point.

The acupressure for weight loss starts with a appetite control points and then moves on to the points spleen 6, stomach 36, spleen 9, large intestine 11 and liver 3. Remember that experts are familiar with this process and if you are a beginner, it is best to gather all the facts before giving it a go. The process we have stated should be repeated five times, during which pressure is applied for five to ten seconds. After that, the pressure is released. As we have said, this needs to be repeated for five times. Acupressure can help with weight problems, but the loss cannot be fast. Obesity is a serious problem and fast and considerable loss of weight requires some changes in lifestyle.

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