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Sinusitis or sinus infection can be the result of anallergic reaction, or exposure to various bacteria, viruses or fungi. Anything fromdust, pollen, pets, different food, cold weather, to perfumes and cosmetics canprovoke allergic reaction and lead to sinus congestion. All these factors cantrigger sinus and nasal inflammation and lead to blocked ears, nasal congestion,pain in the cheekbones and headaches.

Do You Have Sinus Infection

If you experience fever, common cold, heavy head andconstant headaches – you might be having sinus infection. Chronic cough and continuousnasal discharge also indicate the same problem, as well as puffy eyes and thepainful sensations in the cheek bones and your forehead.

You might consult your doctor in order to relieve sinus congestion,and he will recommend some medications to resolve the problem. However, youcould also try some acupressure and relieve the pain and congestion without anydrugs.

Acupressure for Sinusitis

For any acupressure, finding the right pressure points isthe most important. According to this treatment, finger pressed on the rightspot can bring physical relief to (at least) some of your medical problems. Findingthe proper point to press will also help you to relieve your sinus problems.

Inner part of your eyebrow is the perfect spot for sinusrelief. Press it with your index fingers several times, and should instantlyfeel better and even more relaxed after that.

Another acupressure point for sinuses is located on yourhand, specifically between the web of your thumb and index finger. Press thatspot for a minute and you should feel the relief. If the pressure seems to hurtor irritate your sinuses even more, skip this spot. Also, avoid the spot if youare pregnant.

Puffy eyes due to sinus infection can also be resolved usingacupressure. Find the spot under the cheekbone, in the line with your pupil andpress it to relieve eye tiredness.

Sinus headaches, dizziness, drainage or pressure in theears can be cured by pressing the sides of the nostrils, bridge of the nose orthe forehead with your fingertips. Frontal headache is found to respond best tothe movements from the center of the head and then along the eyebrows with the padsof your thumbs.

Crease of the wrist is yet another useful acupressure pointfor sinusitis sufferers. Place the fingers on the crease of the wrist and thenmove them upwards, to get some additional sinus relief.

Eucalyptus or some other essential oil can also be usedin acupressure. A drop or two of the oil can be massaged behind the ears, onthe cheek bones or around the neck to relive sinus problems.

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