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Pregnancy is something that can really wear off a woman andafter nine months, every woman will just want it to end and deliver the baby. Thelabor can be induced by several medicines, methods and remedies, but they areassociated with certain risks. Labor acupressure is one of the natural ways ofinducing the labor. This is a risk free and very popular method of laborinducing.

Labor Acupressure

Once a woman passes her due date, there are some methods she can use to inducelabor and one is a natural labor acupressure. With this method, a womancan also decrease the pain caused by the labor. During this method the pressureis not applied with the help from needles like in standard acupressure but withthumbs and fingers, although the points of the stimulation remain the same. Sincethis is a method which uses only thumbs and fingers, you can even practice thismethod at your home if you know the position of the stimulation points. As wehave said, the pain induced by labor can be reduced during the labor by themale partner with the use of pressure points. The pain reduction and laborinducement are the two most important and effective properties of the laboracupressure method.

Labor Acupressure Points

Labor acupressure has several pressure points such as "big and high","shoulder well", "Adjoining Valley" and others. The largeintestinal Meridian can be stimulated by applying the pressure on theforefinger and the thumb. This pressure point is called adjoining valley andthe region where the pressure is applied is called webbing, and it needs a firmpressure to be applied. You can apply pressure on this location during thelabor as well.Next acupressure point is called shoulder well and it is very effective duringthe labor. You will need to apply pressure at a location on your shoulder, whichyou can find by placing your four fingers on the shoulder joint and thelocation will be at the end of the fingers in the direction of your neck. Thistender area will provide relief during pregnancy.

The location above the heelis called big and high, and application of pressure on this location is veryeffective.There were many studies conducted on the effectiveness of this natural way ofinducing the labor, and one study done in 2005 showed that women who underwentlabor acupressure method went to labor more quickly than the other group, whichhad no labor acupressure treatment. Both of these groups consisted of womenover their due date. There are medications that are used for the reduction ofpain during the delivery, but natural ways of accomplishing this are becomingmore popular. One of such is the labor acupressure due to the endorphins releasedby application of the pressure on specific locations. The endorphins give thewoman a happy feeling and it is a natural painkiller. The pain can besignificantly reduced by using one acupressure point.

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