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Acupressure for nausea

Nausea and vomiting are frequent company to motion sickness,pregnancy and also chemotherapy. It can be an irritating and severe symptom,but there are some acupressure methods that are safe to use even in pregnantwomen and that will ease the problem almost instantly.


Acupressure is a massaging technique. It has been used forcenturies in the traditional Chinese medicine and it is similar to acupuncture.Instead of the needles, a person will use the fingertips to apply the pressureto the specific points on the body. The Chinese believe that the pressureadjustment of the energy flow in the body might relieve many of the symptoms inthe body, including the stress related problems, nausea, and pain.

Studies have proven that acupressure can relax the muscles,increase the blood circulation and cause the release of endorphins in the body,minimizing the pain of a patient.

Sometimes, acupressure practitioner will use not justfingertips, but also other parts of the body to affect the acupressure points. He/shemight use the elbows or feet and sometimes even objects to perform the acupressure.

Nausea Causes

Many different things could generate nauseous feeling,including both internal and external causes. Motion sickness, digestion problemsand food poisoning are some of the most known external causes of nausea. Internalcause of the nauseous feeling might be pregnancy or sometimes stress andanxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers nausea as the spleenand stomach problem. They believe that bad eating habits and cold or heat inthe stomach may affect the stomach and the spleen, making the personexperiencing nausea.

Acupressure Relief for Nausea

To perform an acupressure on yourself it might be a goodidea to find an acupressure map, which show the exact location of the acupressurepoints in the body. You should try to breathe deeply, focusing to the pressureand the acupressure point. The touch should be firm but mustn't cause anypain or discomfort. Start the treatment on the spot when the nausea firstappeared and apply the pressure until it completely stops. Sometimes, mildginger tea can be helpful to ease some of the nauseous feeling.

Pericardium 6 (P6, Nei Guan, Inner Gate) is one of the mostimportant acupressure points for nausea. It is located on the inside of yourwrist, just in the middle, between the tendons. When applying the pressure,feel the area of your wrist and press the most sensitive point. The pressure applied to this point willharmonize the organs in the body, relax your body and calm your mind.

Another acupressure point is Stomach 36 (St36), also knownas Zu San Li or Foot Three Mile. Find this point at the outside edge of theknee cap, and focus the attention on the spot that feels most responding. It willease the nausea and increase immunity and energy of the body.

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