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Yeast infection is an infection that very frequent occurs in women, but, also in men and it can be oral or genital yeast infection. This type of infection is caused by the overproduction of the fungus that is normally present in our body, in the digestive tract of men and women, to be more precise. When it is in normal amounts, the fungus isharmless.

Yeast infection in pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the chances to get yeast infection are higher, because in pregnancy there is certain hormone imbalance and that causes the overproduction of the fungus and eventually leads to the occurrence of the infection. Almost every fifth pregnant woman suffers from the yeast infection. The yeast infections that are not recurring are not dangerous and they are usually much easier treated than the recurring yeast infections. Non-recurring yeast infections are just annoying, painful and bothering. Furthermore, the yeast infections are not dangerous for the baby, although some babies will get yeast infection from their mothers.

Symptoms of yeast infection in mothers and babies

The most frequent yeast infection symptoms that appear in mothers are burning sensation and itching in the vagina. Furthermore, the woman usually experience painful sexual intercourse. It is also very usual that the infected woman has heavy white discharge from the vagina and this discharge is usually cheese-like in appearance. On the other side, the common signs of yeast infection in the babies are white patches in the mouth and constant bright red diaper rash.

Prevention of yeast infection

Every woman should pay attention to hygiene and try to prevent the occurrence of the yeast infection. One of the ways to do it is to use clean cotton underwear during the day and sleep without underwear in order to let the genitals dry naturally. Furthermore, the woman should not use perfumed soaps and laundry detergents. Tight fitting cloths and sitting on the wet surface should also be avoided.

When a woman suspects that she has the yeast infection, she should go to her doctor. The doctor must check it and established the main cause for the infection. It is not recommended to treat the infection alone at home without the supervision of a doctor. When a woman is pregnant, the use of many medications can be very dangerous for the baby. In the majority of cases the doctors usually prescribe certain creams that are inserted into the vagina before going to bed at night. Usually this treatment lasts about seven days.

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