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Male yeast infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common infections that may occur in men, as well as in women. This infection is caused when the fungus that is in our body produces itself in enormous amounts. It is easier to notice yeast infection in women than in men, since men are of different constitution and a male’s body is different from that of a woman. The vaginal yeast infection can be easily detected, while penile yeast infection may be unnoticeable. The men infected with the yeast infection usually discover the infection when it causes some other health problems.

In the majority of cases, men pay attention to the yeast infection only when they discover that their sexual partner has one so the chance that they also have yeast infection exists. In such cases, the men must use anti-fungals, as well as their female partners. During the sexual intercourse with an infected woman, the yeast can pass to the man and spread through the urethral canal to the prostate gland. If one does not notice the penile yeast infection, later it can expand to the prostate and thus it may contribute to the developing of various prostate problem and even cancer.

Those men who drink beer may also have skin yeast on the penis. However, although it is very difficult to establish the symptoms of male yeast infection, there are cases when dry cracked skin may appear. Such, a skin can crack during an erection and can cause pain.

Causes of male yeast infection

One of the causes for the appearance of penile yeast infection is related to the sexually transmitted diseases. For example, Candida can be passed from person to person through the unsafe sexual relation. When one partner is infected, the other is probably infected, too, and therefore, both of the partners should be cured before they decide to have sex without any protection.

Another cause for the occurrence of male yeast infection is consuming of antibiotics for a long period of time.

Furthermore, those men who suffer from diabetes are at greater risk to develop the penile yeast infection, which happens because the increased levels of glucose in the urine trigger the overproduction of the Candida. In case when a man has symptoms of diabetes and recurring yeast infections, it is very important to go and visit a doctor.

One of the causes of male yeast infections are condoms with nonoxynol-9 added to the lubricant. Therefore, such condoms should be avoided.

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