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Skin yeast infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common infections that the humans suffer from. It is caused by the fungus that is present in the our body and that is harmless unless if it is triggered by various causes. In that case, the fungus is overproduced, which leads to the occurrence of yeast infections. The yeast infections can be oral yeast infection, which happen in the area around the mouth, and genital yeast infection, which occurs in vaginal or penile region. This condition causes very unpleasant skin changes.

Symptoms of skin yeast infection

In the case of the yeast infection the most affected part of the body is skin of the infected place, but depending on the place where the yeast infection occurs, the symptoms may vary.

When the extremities, legs and arms are affected, the most common symptoms of the yeast infection are white patches on the skin. Those people who have fair skin have a little darker white spots that are, therefore, more visible. On the other hand, in those people who have dark skin, the peaches are white. All these patches are, in the majority of cases, crusty. When a man suffers from genital yeast infection, he does not have these white spots, but red rash, which typically occurs at the upper part of the penis, precisely at the head of the penis. It is itchy and causes burning sensation, and, therefore, very uncomfortable and unpleasing. The penile yeast infection, in most cases, is caused by the unsafe sex with a woman who suffers from the vaginal yeast infection. Intertrigo is the name for the yeast infections that occur in armpits, inner thighs and other moist areas of the human body. In these cases the most obvious sign is reddish or brown rash, which usually causes itching and burning sensation. This condition may be aggravated by the excessive sweating. Those people who suffer from diabetes or have problems with obesity are most susceptible to developing intertrigo. The most frequent symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are itching and irritation, which tend to become more discomfortable during the night. Furthermore, a woman with this infection has inflammation of the vaginal area, painful urination and heavy vaginal white discharge, which is cheese-like. There are cases when the nails are infected also by the yeast infection and in these cases, the edges of the finger nails are infected and become red. Moreover, in the severe cases of nail yeast infection pus can appear around the nail folds.

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