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Yeast infection is also commonly well-known under the names fungal infection, candidiasis and thrush. This infection is caused by the fungus named Candida albicans. It is known that the every human body has the fungus in it, and they are harmless as long as their growth is under control. However, when the fungus starts to produce themselves in high amounts, they cause yeast infection, and this may occur because of several reasons. For example, if a person consumes a lot of sugar or the products that contain yeast, that can lead to the occurrence of yeast infection. Furthermore, certain antibiotics or hormonal imbalance are some of the causes for the incidence of the fungus overproduction. Yeast infection may occur in men equally as in women, and in women it can occur in the mouth or vagina. However, it is very important to treat it immediately when it is discovered.

Symptoms of oral yeast infection in women

The oral yeast infection can be furthermore caused by smoking or by wearing unsuitable dentures. The most common symptoms of oral thrush in women are creamy white lesions that appear inside the mouth, on tongue and on the gums. Furthermore, a woman with oral candidiasis usually feels pain in the gums and has difficulty while swallowing. In many cases, women who suffer from this condition may experience slight bleeding or cracked corners of the mouth. Moreover, the complete loss of taste may also occur.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in women

The vaginal yeast infection is also called vulvovaginal candidiasis, but unlike the oral thrush, it is very difficult to notice and diagnose it. The warning signs of the vaginal thrush typically appear several days before menstruation. One of the common signs of vaginal thrush is odorless vaginal discharge that usually has cheese-like look. Moreover, the woman with vaginal yeast infection may experience uncomfortable vaginal itching and characteristic burning sensation in vagina. Furthermore, irritation and pain in vagina, as well as pain during the sexual intercourse, may also appear because of the vaginal thrush.

Symptoms of yeast infection in breastfeeding mothers

This type of infection may also appear in pregnancy and it is not unusual. The yeast infection in breastfeeding mothers can be passed down to the child. The most common symptoms of this infection in women that breastfeed their babies are pain in the breasts and very sensitive and painful nipples. Yeast infection should be treated immediately, because it is contagious disorder and can be passed from person to person during sexual intercourse or from mother to child during breastfeeding.

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