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Yeast infection is one of the most common infectionsin women, but the fact is that this infection can also occur in men. There are two types of yeastinfections: oral and vaginal/penile yeast infection.

Recurring yeast infection

Non-recurring yeast infections are not dangerous andcan be treated easily with homeopathic remedies and over-the-counter medicines.On the other hand, the recurring yeast infections can be very serious becauseit can lead to certain complications, such as diabetes and chronic urinarytract infection. The yeast infections that tent to appear frequentlyusually occur in diabetics, as well as in those who consume a lot of sugar. When a person has more than four yeast infections ina year, it is diagnosed as recurring yeast infection.

Causes for recurring yeast infection

One of the most frequent causes for the occurrence ofyeast infection is the use of birth control pills and there arecases in which the yeast infection was not so frequent when women stopped to consumecontraceptive pills. The other cause for the incidence of yeast infectionis a high sugar diet. Those women who tend to eat lots of sweets usuallyexperience recurring yeast infection. In many cases, the main cause for the occurrence ofthe yeast infection is moisture around the vagina, but the potential reason for the yeast infection is alsoweak immune system and those women with HIV usually have recurring yeastinfection.

It is very important always to know the main reason forthe appearance of this infection and to treat it immediately. Although manypatients are usually cured by using certain medications, there are doctors whoavoid prescribing medications in order to prevent possible immunization to themedicine. The most frequently prescribed medicine for annoyingrecurrent yeast infection is Diflucan. The dosage of this drug varies dependingon the health condition of the infected woman. Many medicines may also contribute to the incidenceof recurring yeast infection. When a person uses, for instance, doxycycline ortetracycline for the prevention of acne, these two medicines may cause thisinfection.

Hygiene is also very important for the recurringyeast infection. If, a woman has had this infection once, she must pay attention tothe previously affected area and keep it clean and dry. It is very dangerous ifthe fungus that causes this infection spreads to the bowels. In such case theurogenital tract may be affected, which may cause additional problems. The woman with yeast infection should avoid sexual intercourseduring the infection.

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