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Yeast infection is an infection induced by the overproduction of the fungus that is present in our body, which is not dangerous if it is controlled. However, there are various reasons that trigger the multiplication of the fungus, which leads to the occurrence of the yeast infection. The most common affected areas on the body are those that are the most moisturized. Toddlers can also be affected.

The most frequent yeast infections in toddlers are the oral and genital yeast infection. Very rarely the toddlers suffer from the yeast infection in digestive system, in the armpit and nail yeast infection. In the majority of cases, when the toddlers are affected by the mouth yeast infection, it occurs that the genital yeast infection is also present, which happens because the yeast infection can naturally progress in the body. One of the most favorable areas for the development of yeast infections in toddlers is diaper rash.

Causes and symptoms of yeast infection in toddlers

The fungus that is the main cause for the occurrence of the yeast infections is called Candida albicans. The high amounts of this fungus cause candidiasis, which is the other name for the yeast infection. The overproduction of candida albicans is triggered by the excessive use of antibiotics and extremely and constantly moisturized certain body’s areas.

The most common symptoms of the oral yeast infection in toddlers are white spots on gums and tongue. If a toddler has genital yeast infection, it is manifested through red rash in the genital area.

Treatment of yeast infection in toddlers

When the symptoms of the specific yeast infection are noticed in toddlers, it is very important to treat them immediately. First of all, the toddler’s body should be kept dry because the moisture is the best environment for the fungus production. Furthermore, specific anti-fungal creams, such as Nystatin and Lotrim AF, should be applied on the affected area. These creams are very effective because they eliminate bacteria and sooth the affected skin. It is also recommended that the toddlers should be bathed in warm water that is mixed with a half a cup of vinegar, since, it is effective for destroying the bacteria, fungi and molds. Many doctors recommend specific diaper creams that are proven to be very good at treating yeast infection in toddlers. However, when all these above mentioned tips are not very helpful, it is important to take the toddler to the doctor.

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