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Information on Acne

Acne is a common medical condition which affects the skin.It usually occurs in the period of puberty but it sometimes may person all theway to early adulthood. Each individual may suffer from different length andintensity of the condition. Acne is usually treated with a vast array ofchemically based medicaments, but little do people know that it may also betreated with certain types of herbal remedies and even some food items.


There are people who rather use herbal remedies for thetreatment of acne, and they steer clear of all chemically based medicaments.Most herbal remedies are based on organic botanical so they usually do nottrigger any unwanted side effects. There are many different ways of usingalternative acne remedies. There are numerous herbal remedies for acne which aremeant to be used as an herbal tea made from leaves, flowers or other plantcomponents. The combination of nettles and cleavers is the most effective one.Those who suffer from stress related acne may prefer lavender tea or chamomiletea over other types of herbal tea. One may also opt to use evening primroseseed oil capsule or blackcurrant seed oil capsules for the treatment of acne.They can only be purchased with a prescription and the dosage depends on theseverity of the actual medical condition. One of the most potent astringent andantibacterial applications commonly used for the treatment of acne is aloevera. It keeps the facial skin clean and free of different types of irritantsso it controls the eruptions of acne. Tea tree oil in a diluted or watered formmay also be applied topically in order to provide similar results. It may alsocome in very handy for those who suffer from certain types of pimples.

Food Items

There are certain types of food items which need to be cutback on or avoided completely in order to curb the appearance of acne. Thosewho pay much attention to what they eat usually have fewer problems with acnethan those who do not. Some female patients who suffer from acne may havenoticed that the presence of dairy products in their diets may be connectedwith the occurrence of this medical condition. Some studies have shown thatprocessed foods and refined sugar may also be the cause of acne. Consumingplenty of fresh vegetables and fruits may be very helpful for all those whosuffer from acne. Switching to olive oil may be of great help too.

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