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Occurrence of acne can happen many times in your life, especially during hormone transitions, but most commonly, they appear in puberty and pregnancy. Cause of skin inflammation is usually bacteria, and you can have them on your face, skin, neck etc. Especially sensitive period for your skin is pregnancy. An extra problem makes the fact that many of your usual beauty and skin care product are now unavailable to you, because of their potentially harmful effect to your baby.

Due to excessive hormonal activity, all kinds of skin disorders my happen like skin rushes, bumps acne, and discoloration of the skin and here we will review some of them.

Pregnancy acne

Just when you taught that skin acnes are part of your puberty past, the can appear again in your pregnancy. Usual places for acne to appear are around your chin and mouth. If you do not treat them, they may last during whole pregnancy, and sometimes even after delivery, too.Over the counter preparations may help you must be extra careful when choosing them. Preparations and cosmetic products that contain salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide and any of the retinoid are not to be used during pregnancy. Instead you should try the products based on alpha hydroxyl acids, sulphur, glycolic acids, azelaic acids and erythromycin cream. You can also try to use mineral powder makeup.

Pregnancy belly itches

Belly itches in pregnancy may vary from annoying to very serious skin rashes. There are two possible causes for belly itches; one is hormonal activity and the other is stretching of belly itself, due baby growth. Most common kind of belly itches is called PUPP (pruritic urticarial plaques and papules of pregnancy. These PUPP usually resolves itself after the delivery but if you do not want to wait you can try steroid strength cream or to apply warm milk to the skin.

Pregnancy stretch marks

Unfortunately, most of topical preparations will no be able to prevent this occurrence in your pregnancy. You can try some cocoa butter or skin creams, or some topical glycolic acid creams that contains green tea but effects are not certain. If stretch marks remain highly visible after the delivery you can try laser cosmetic surgery.

Pigment and pregnancy mask problems

Very common occurrence in pregnancy is skin problem called melasma, which is a pigment discoloration mark that appears on the face. These marks are also called pregnancy mask, and it is related to hormonal activities and sun exposure.Depigmentation marks can also appear on your belly. While you can not do much about hormone activities you can avoid any sun exposure during the period that you have those marks. Also vitamin C and azelaic acid preparations are good for pigment.

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