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There is a general misconception that teenagers are the oneswho are most prone to developing acne breakouts. Acne may occur in adultpersons as well, and they commonly affect the bodybuilders the most. Most ofthem wash their faces multiple times during the day because they wall want toget rid of the horrible visual appearance commonly associated with acne.


All those unfortunate people who have to deal with acne on aregular daily basis usually spend a lot of time thinking and trying todetermine the exact causes of acne. The most common cause of acne is excessiveproduction of sebum. Sebum is a certain type of oil, produced in the glands,and its main purpose is to moisturize the skin. When it gets combined with deadskin cells it gets stuck in the hair follicles in the skin which all leads tothe development of acne. Acne may be related to certain genetic issues as well.If a person’s parents constantly suffered from acne it is very likely that thatsame person will suffer from acne as well. One may use various different formsof supplements, cleaners and topical creams in order to get rid of acne.Following a healthy and well balanced diet, washing the face as often aspossible and shaving the skin daily may also be of great help for all those whosuffer from acne.


There are various cleansers and similar products availableon the market, and all of them can be purchased without a prescription from adermatologist. Most of those products contain certain types of ingredients suchas hydroxy acids, sulfur, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Those who sufferfrom severe cases of acne should definitely pay a visit to a dermatologist inorder to get a prescription for medications such as Retin-A, Brevoxyl orAccutane. Those who are prescribed Accutane need to be very careful because itmay be affiliated with certain side effects. One may also use one of numeroussupplements available on the market as well. Those include Omega 3 fatty acids,omega 6 fatty acids, niacin, selenium, ALA, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A andzinc. They can also be mixed with topical cleansers as well in order to providethe sufferer with even better results. One should not forget the fact that acnealways needs to be treated because it is also associated with low self esteemand depression in some cases.

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