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Acne is a common medical condition which usually affects thefacial skin and it can be treated using numerous different methods. Some ofthem are cheap while some others may be quite expensive, but the price is notalways an indicator of the treatment’s efficacy. Some people prefer to usevarious chemical peels or alpha hydroxyl acid. These methods may be efficientin some cases but there are also persons who have tried some of these methodsand found them to be not that effective in their individual cases.


Most factors and causes affiliated with the occurrence ofacne are commonly linked to the period in which a child passes from infancy topuberty. Some believe that dirty skin causes the acne, but it is a proven factthat washing the skin alone does not prevent or make the acne disappear. Alldifferent acne methods can be used for all age groups with the same percentageof efficiency. Washing the skin may be efficient in removing excessive amountsof dead skin cells and sebum, so it may be helpful to a certain extent. Somepersons make mistakes by using exfoliant creams and alcoholic detergents forthe treatment of acne, but unfortunately such products may sometimes lead toeven further irritation of the skin. The best choice for most adult persons whoare well aware of all the negative psychological and social effects of acne isto wash the face with water and a gentle detergent, two times a day.

Some cases involve acne persisting way into the adult age.These cases may include affecting the facial skin but also certain other bodyareas. These cases usually address men more than women. Acne in women iscommonly associated with their menstrual cycles so that fact also needs to betaken into account when choosing a proper treatment. Certain food items maysometimes aggravate the existing medical condition so they need to be avoided. Thoseare usually fatty foods. The most successful treatments for acne in adultswhich are commonly recommended by dermatologists include laser acne treatments,acne rosacea treatment and acne blemish laser treatment.

Alpha hydroxyl acid, also known as ascorbic acid is veryefficient in reducing the amounts of oil commonly produced by the skin and thenumber of dead cells in the skin of the patient. This leads to less irritation andfewer eruptions of the acne. Chemical peels can be used for the peeling off ofthe targeted spot blisters.

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