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Characteristics of Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a very hard sportdemanding tons of physical strength, agility and capability. However,it does not stop here, since a good rock climber needs to have all themental power necessary for enduring all the hardships one canexperience while indulging into this sport. Therefore, all rockclimbers, regardless if they are beginners or professionals, need toundergo a certain amount of time dedicated to body training. Thistraining prepared their body for all the hard and physicallydemanding tasks climbing a rock can turn out to be. Namely, they needto know how to balance, transfer their weight and react quickly andeffectively. Also, they need to have enough stamina and flexibilityin order to endure all the stress rock climbing poses upon theirbodies. There are more factors related to this hard, but rewardingsport. All in all, the price for not being prepared enough can beserious injuries or something even grimmer. Therefore, all whodesire to indulge into the exciting world of rock climbing need tomake themselves capable for such an endeavor first.

Exercises for Rock Climbers

Fortunately, all exercises necessaryfor toning your body for rock climbing can be done at home. Thus, youwill not need an expensive gym. Rather, most of the times, your bodywill be the only exercise equipment necessary.

First come pull-ups. This exercise isexcellent for these purposes since it strengthens one's upper body,making it stronger and more capable of holding weight. These areperformed by holding a raised, fixed pull-up bar, lifting yourself offthe ground and raising your body by pulling yourself closer to thebar, until your chin is above it. 30 slow repetitions 5 days a weekwill give you the strength you need for successful and confident rockclimbing.

While still at the pull-up bar, whilehanging, you might try and perform leg lifts. Namely, from thisposition, try and raise your legs to your head level, keep them therefor several seconds and lower them into the initial position. Repeat5 times.

Then there are abdominal crunches. Here,you will have to lie on the ground, with your legs bent at a 90degrees angle. Once in this position, you are to raise your upperbody so as to touch your knees with your chest, hold it for severalseconds, and lower it before repeating again. Four sets will suffice.

Finally, for making your forearmsstrong, you can perform forearm curls. While sitting try to pick up adumbbell and hold it in your fist, not allowing it to move aroundyour hand as you start lifting it and lowering it, keeping yourmuscles tense all the time.

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