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Fruits Used as Food

Many fruits are commercially used for human consumption. Allkinds of fruits, including: apples, peaches, watermelons, coconut, mangoes andmany other fruits can be used and eaten fresh or in some products. People havemastered different conservation of the fruits, so they can make some jams and marmaladesor dry the fruits and eat it in the winter, when there are no fresh fruits available.

Manufactured food can also contain significant or someamount of fruits in it. This way you can have some yogurt with dried or freshfruits and also cakes and muffins. Cookies and breads and many more productsare also known for containing some different fruits.

There is also a possibility to make some drink out of thefruits. If you use a juicer at your home, you can make a fruit juice from virtuallyany fruit or fruit mix you want. Pick your favorite fruits, whether they areapples, peaches or grapes, and make some juice. Another option to make a drink outof the fruits is alcoholic fermentation. This way you could make some brandy orwine. Also, you can make some vinegar using the apples.

Special term is botanical fruits, and that includes many vegetables.Such vegetables are: eggplant, okra, pumpkin, tomato, bell pepper, zucchini,cucumber and green bean.

Some fruits are used to make oil, especially olives, which bycold pressing give us highly appreciated extra virgin olive oil.

Berries can also be useful to make some spices. From somedried berries, people can get black (ant also other kinds of) pepper, paprika,allspice etc. Vanilla is also one of the spices that is derivated from the fruits.

Other Things Fruits are Used For

Fruits don’t have to have only edible function.

Some fruits can be used to extract medications from them. From opium poppy fruits scientists have beenable to extract codeine and morphine. It also contains theabaine, important forthe synthesis of another medication – oxycodone.

If you ever eaten walnuts, sumac, mulberry and cherry, you knowthat they can stain your clothes. Because of that, these fruits have been usedfor centuries as natural dyes.

Coconut is a multipurpose fruit. It can be used as thefruit, but also as the source of natural fibers for mattresses, insulation orfloor tiles. The shell of the coconut, as well as the dried gourds, is alsouseful, for bird houses, as the instrument, for cups or souvenirs.

They can be used in floral arrangements or decorations. Milkweed,lotus, unicorn plant, wheat and annual honesty fruits are used for decorationpurposes. Sometimes, fruits can be used as ornamental shrubs, especially ifthey have colorful fruits. That’s how we use cotoneaster, holly, pyracantha,skimmia, beautyberry and viburnum. Pumpkins can be used to make some lanternsfor Halloween.

Some fruit provide wax that can be made into candles(bayberries), and some are useful to repel cockroaches (osage orange).

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