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The World of Juicers

Juicers are very useful devices whichcan introduce additional health to your nutrition. Therefore, you arehighly advised to get one and to enjoy natural, fresh fruit orvegetable juices as often as possible.

However, this is where the problemsbegin. Namely, there are many different types of juicers, all beinggood for a certain purpose, making us confused since we do not knowwhich one will suit our purposes best. Then, you need to read theremainder of this article and get informed on the types of juicersavailable, their characteristics and their overall effectiveness.Hopefully, this information will help you decide which device of thistype is best for you.

The Choice is Yours

The most popular and the mostaffordable type of juicers are centrifugal juices. These machinesfunction through cutting discs which, through spinning, slice thefruit or the vegetable and remove its juice, channeling it out,keeping the pulp in a separate container.

Apart from this variant, we have citrusjuicers which are basically dishes which enable you to press a lemonsliced in two so that all of the juice from it is let out in thecontainer below. There are other manual juice squeezers, where, witha bit of an effort, you are capable of completely depriving a pulp ofjuice, having clear, fresh juice for you to consume.

Also, there are electric juicers whichfunction on a single or double gear method. Thus, the pulp is eitherpressed until it releases the juice or is sliced and pressed at thesame time for better effectiveness.

Finally, there are juicers speciallymade for extracting juices out of wheat grass. Wheat grass containsmany useful nutrients and this type of juicers can make these moreavailable.

All in all...

Basically, the choice is yours. If youprefer fruit and vegetable juices, centrifugal juicers are the thingfor you, even though, without special add-ons these devices will notbe too useful for extracting juice from leafy vegetables. If you areplanning on juicing vegetables predominantly, single gear juicers arethe proper choice.

Make sure that the juicer you choose ismaintenance friendly and can be cleaned easily, containing thesmallest number of separate parts, capable of being washed without adanger of becoming dysfunctional.

Also, chose strong machines, withmotors above 400W. Still, choose those which are not excessivelynoisy. Finally, be prepared to pay more for a higher quality.

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