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Positive thinking – does it really work? We all hear todayabout the power of the positive mind, how it can reach the unreachable and curethe non-curable, but what is the actual truth?

Power of the mind

Let’s just take some facts in consideration. It is amedically proven fact that humans use only few percents of the entire braintissue. What does that mean? Are we capable of more? Are there some hidden,undiscovered areas in our brains that have enormous mental potential we are noteven aware of? Studies are done, but still there is no adequate answer to aquestion – what our brains actually can do.

Power of the positive thinking

One thing that is for sure is that when you think positivelyand hope for the best, even if result is a failure, optimism will prevail andcreate a generally good feeling. What is the actual strength of positive thinking?This might be shown in the medicine area quite easily. Many medical expertswill say that stress is one of the major factors for many illnesses andconditions and that elimination of stress induces healthier organism. Some willeven say that stress is the major inductor of creation of malign cells. Also,take the placebo effect as a perfect example. So, some people are given theactual medication, while the others were given something mild, like an Aspirin.What happens is that the placebo group almost feels the same positive effect asthe group that took the real pills. So, when they thought they really helped themselveswith real pills, those were placebo pills, but they still felt better. Here wecan see how a simple trick can help a mind think positively. Are there ways todo this often and for different situations? On the short run, this is very helpful. But for a long distance, something else is needed.

Positive thinking is not about saying some cheerful phrasesfor boosting up the mood each day and night. Positive thoughts are there to eliminatethe negativity in each life, not just the life of practitioner, but also thepeople that live in its vicinity.

Can positive thinking eliminate some hard illnesses? Probablynot, but it can induce some relieving effects and that is sometimes moreneeded. Some doctors say that form of positive thinking can also be reachedwith the help of self-hypnosis. This is something that should be consultedwith therapist first, and then, decided later on.

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