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Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT is a very simple but effective healing system that may help to reduce stress as an underlying cause of many other diseases and medical conditions. EFT is proven effective for many health issues, performance and psychological problems and in treatment of negative emotions. This simple technique may dramatically improve the overall quality of individual’s life. The EFT is described as energy psychology, and it is often classified as complementary and alternative medicine. Other known energy medicines include contact healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki, Qi Gong, distant healing, and many others. Modern science does not approve EFT as an effective way of treatment. However, it does work, and that is inevitable. The explanation, according to the mainstream science, is a simple placebo effect and distraction from negative thoughts. According to the proponents of EFT, this technique works by manipulating the energy Meridians by desensitization and tapping the acupuncture points while the receiver focuses on a particular issue.Using EFT for Emotional Issues

One of the primary goals for anybody that uses EFT is to reduce, or eliminate the intensity of negative emotions or emotionally troubling memories and thinking. As already mentioned, this treatment includes the patient's focus on self-acceptance accompanied by stimulation of the acupressure points. In many cases, the relief is instant and happens in just a couple of minutes. The efficiency is almost instant, even if a patient is dealing with a negative emotion that has been present in the mind for many years. EFT is therefore, a great way to relieve stress and help yourself whenever you feel troubled. However, people with serious psychiatric problems, and people who have been victims of the trauma or abuse, should use EFT only as a complementary part of treatment. They should always work under the supervision of a licensed mental health expert.

Benefits of EFT

For many people, EFT is even more effective than the traditional talk therapy. In most of cases, people resolve their emotional issues in only one or two EFT sessions. For many patients this also includes improvement in the physical state and decrease in severity of their physical ailments. For example, people may have less frequent headaches or may start living without the constant pain in their back. This treatment improves overall quality of life and can be applied to many aspects: from professional goals and health issues to public performance and emotional problems. It does not involve any pain and for most of the patients, it is a pleasant experience. However, like any other treatment it does not have 100% success rate, even though it usually works well.

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