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What the greatest majority of people is not aware of is thatwe are in control of our feelings and beliefs, which practically means that weourselves choose whether we will be positive or negative, active or passive. Yes,it might sound hard to believe, but it is all in our attitude. Many people willprobably ask a question why people choose to be negative if they can choose tobe happy and positive. And it is quite a logical question, but the truth is thatpositive thinking requires mental effort, and people tend to give up on thiseasily. What actually needs to be done is very similar to changing a bad habit.This habit here refers to the people’s tendency to be negative, hoping that inthis way they will deal with negative things easier because they will be better prepared for them. This is definitely wrong, because they actually spend a lot of energy on negative things instead of directing that same energy to those that are more constructive and those that will make them happier.

How to think positively and build a positive attitude?

Besides the fact that our attitude is pretty much influencedby people who surround us, it is also important to know that we tend to maintainevery attitude of ours by constant inner conversations that we have with ourselves.This means that, since we cannot change people around us, we have to make somechanges regarding these conversations. Surely, this requires a lot of training,strong will, self-discipline and persistence, but persuading oneself to achievethis goal will certainly pay off. The power of thoughts is much greater thanpeople think, and this goes for both positive and negative thoughts. Some ofthe tips that might help in thinking positively include visualizing only thosesituations that are favorable and disregarding the feelings such as lazinessand despair. Wanting to quit on something should also be disregarded, no matterhow far the goal might seem. What helps a lot and does not require a lot ofeffort is smiling, and people will probably be surprised to see what a powertheir smile has on other people. As soon as some negative thought appears, theperson needs to become aware of it and try as hard as possible to replace itwith some other, which is positive. No matter how hard this might be at thebeginning, those who decide to make this important change need to bear in mindthat it will get easier with time, because the mind will get used to iteventually. All it takes is persistence and perseverance.

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