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We will discuss about a double blind study, which is a study where participants and the researcher do not know what kind of treatment the participants get. The usual course of the study will involve giving placebo to a part of the participants, while the remaining participants will receive the actual medications. When double-blind study is conducted, the participants and the researchers do not know who got medications and who placebo. Bias participants and researchers can pose a danger to the study and in this way, such a danger is eliminated. Illnesses struck every single person on the planet. There are a lot of people who had the same treatment and the disease as someone else we know, but although they got the same treatment and the disease, the results of the treatment are different, which is what needs to be fully examined during a study. Double-blind study looks for a best possible procedure for treatment and the psychology of the condition and the healing process. The double-blind study eliminates any kind of contrary or bias during the study, and makes the procedure more effective than the standard study.

Double-Blind Study

Studies like this have helped the advancement of the scientific research. In standard studies with 30 patients, half of them will receive placebo, while other half will receive medication. During standard study, patients and researchers know who received placebo and who medications, while in double-blind study, no participants or researchers know about this. These studies have given astounding results since both, those who received placebo and medications, responded in the same way. This showed that this element is crucial. The name double-blind comes from the fact that both participants and researchers are unaware about who receives what and so they are "blind". Due to several factors, the treatment of a person depends on several elements. These studies are done all around the world, but some issues are beyond the common sense approach.

Need for Double-Blind Study

Most people are positive about the treatment method if they have seen that it was successful somewhere else. This is a common opinion and thinking around the world. This reasoning is attempted to be sown-played by the double-blind study. The reliability of the common observations is in question in these situations, since many factors influence the results of the treatment. Comparative methods are very important, since the show us the difference between the actual medicine and fake samples. These fake procedures can be detected with the help of the double-blind study.


The treatment and the nature of the disease is the focus of the observation studies, but the main objective of these studies must be full and healthy recovery. Healing should be the focus of these studies, but in most cases, they are focused on the ways of eliminating infection or a virus.

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