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What is the best method for keeping the body healthy? Is it some effective combination of dieting and exercising, or is there something else? There are extreme cases when people have to go to a surgery in order to stay healthy for various reasons. Here we will talk about the presence of the mind/body connection and whether or not it is the best healing machine.


It is obvious that mind does have some influence on the medical conditions. We are talking about positive thinking, but where is the limit of its effectiveness? The most obvious example of positive thinking has been shown numerous times with placebo effect. Placebo effect is based on giving people medication that actually works and medication that does nothing but they are told that it is also a medication that will help. An interesting thing is that people claim that they feel better even when taking that non-effective medication. So, there is some positive effect but it is hard to say whether there is some actual effect on the systems in the organism.

There are some things that should be done in order for a person to stay healthy as long as possible. Since there is the mind and body connection, there is one thing that will help is reduction of stress. Stress accumulates and unfortunately, it emerges easily. This happens usually in the form of nervousness and anxiety; people become irritated easily and that affects relationships with other people. Stress can be dealt with the help of increased physical activity, and it is even better if that is some sort of martial art. By learning how to deal in dangerous situations, people tend to release their negative energy and to reduce stress significantly. Problems causing stress will not go away like this, but people will deal much easier with them.


Mind cannot tell the body to heal and to eliminate all the medical problems. That would be simply too much, but mind can help in controlling the pain and symptoms and it can help with creating positive thinking. There is no adequate proof that positive thinking will help, but it can be believed, especially when it is known that stress is the inducer of some conditions and that by some experts, it is one of the etiological factors of some of the most dangerous health problems, including emerging of malign cells. Since mind should always be in control, a mind has to learn a lot, to be informed on how to avoid some medical conditions and if possible, avoid them.

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