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If you have been wondering about the galvanic spa effect, read the following lines since we will be talking about these spa centers. The spa centers called galvanic spa are specialized in removing dead cells, which promotes healthy and appealing skin. They are becoming more and more popular due to the marketing of these effect and the techniques for the care of facial skin, which they advertise as breakthrough technology. The skin impurity can be removed with the help of the galvanic spa system electric charge. This is the basis of the galvanic spa treatment, which can also be done at home, since they can be bought and taken home. But is this treatment effective? This is the question that most people who are considering this treatment are asking.

Galvanic Spa

We will see how these spa treatments work and they have two steps, which are the application of the galvanic spa pre-treatment facial gel and the application of the galvanic spa facial gel. Negative charge is used during the first step, in order to push or repel the gel for pre-treatment deep in the skin. The skin will be healthier due to the ingredients of this gel, which will also smooth the skin. The negative charge will be transferred to the impurities that this charge binds with ingredients negatively charged. Next, they will all be positively charged and this delivers the gel to the skin, since due to the positive charge, they repel from each other. Also, stress can be inflicted on the skin, which can be relieved with the galvanic spa treatment, which makes the skin fresh and soft due to the removal of impurities located in the skin with the help of magnetic force.


We now come to the most important issue of effectiveness of galvanic spa treatment. While some say they have experienced great results, others say there has been no result at all, but this seems to be depending on the skin of the individual. Also, collagen remodeling or skin firming that this spa treatment surpassingly produces has never been scientifically proved. We can say that the galvanic spa has no scientifically proved effectiveness, but some say that repeating procedures can bring results. This means that we need to be persistent and the result will show eventually. The result will depend on many factors, but remember that it is important to see a professional before you start to use the galvanic spa treatment. There are several situations in which the use of this treatment is not advised, which is why visiting a specialist who will advise you might be a good idea.

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