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The Hypnosis We Live

There are many skeptics who believethat hypnosis is not real and that people cannot be lead to a stateof complete relaxation where their subconsciousness may be exposed topositive suggestions. However, we undergo a state of hypnosis manytimes, on a daily basis, since this state of mind is one of thenormal stages it endures.

Simply, imagine yourself watching amovie you really like. At some point, you are going to snap out ofyour complete state of concentrating on the movie itself, and realizethat you have been completely unaware of the world around you,perceiving the movie itself as reality, the characters as real,existing people and the storyline as the present situation.Naturally, in order to reach this level of hypnosis we need to berelaxed and concentrated. However, it is more than possible and ithappens quite often.

As for self-hypnosis and those who donot believe in it, every hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can enter astate of hypnosis, only if you want to. Your hypnotist cannothypnotize you if you do not allow him/her and relax completely.Therefore, unless people are on drugs or intoxicated, they can behypnotized, if they want to.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Basically, if hypnosis is a state ofmind where your subconsciousness is accessed for altering,hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis for healing people. Themind plays a very important role in your well-being and overallhealth. Thus, when stimulated correctly, your mind can help you treatmany physical and mental problems such as eczema, depression,insomnia etc. The best thing about hypnotherapy is that it iscompletely safe, requiring only a comfortable chair, you yourself andthe soothing voice of your hypnotherapist.

Contrary to popular belief, you willnot be in a state of unconscious coma during hypnosis. Rather, youwill be fully aware of the world around you and every sound or otherstimuli affecting you. However, you may forget the processafterwards, even though may people remember every step of theirhypnotherapy. Therefore, you are fully aware of yourself. If fact,you are more aware of your surroundings than normally, having complete controlover the process.

The whole point of the process ismaking your comfortable enough to trust your therapist completely.Thus, you may end the process with absolute control once you startfeeling uncomfortable.

Finally, you will not be a differentperson after hypnotherapy, in terms of personality. You will only getfreed of the doubts, worries and problems affecting you, releasingyour happy and satisfied inner self, pinpointing the problems youhave overlooked. Also, you will not stay in the trance state forever,living like a vegetable, since this is not possible. All in all,hypnotherapy helps and is completely benign.

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