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All time favorite movie snack

Pop corn are most certainly considered as the fastest and one of the tastiest snacks that can be consumed with greatest of pleasure, be it day or night time, and especially when there is some excellent movie on the TV or in the cinema. Also this snack is quite convenient as it is not only not pricy, but is almost ready made and at your disposal in case you have some unannounced guests pay you a visit. One question that is quite often posed by many people is whether the snack in question has any downsides to it, i.e. if it has any tendencies of negatively affecting the person’s overall health, as well as if its calorie counts have the potential to hit the roof at one point, or not.

Essential Information about calorie counts and nutrition

Given the fact that in the modern time popcorn as such have undergone quite a revolution, and today people can choose between many varieties, it is fairly reasonable to conclude that not every variety is the same in terms of either calorie or nutrient counts. In continuation, one can find the relevant information about various kinds of popcorn, which can help in finding the variety most tailored to your needs. The varieties go as follows:

Air popped popcorn – stand for the thriftiest version included on the list. The preparation technique in question entails no use of butter, thus making the popcorn much favorable for the people who are following a specific type of the weight loss diet program. When it comes to figures, their calorie count is 93 for a serving of 24 g, representing a fairly healthy snack option. This variety of popcorn also has quite significant satiation potentials, which is another up side. In addition, they are known to have small amounts of fat – 1.1 g, as well as saturated fat – 0.1 g.Butter popcorn – this is often regarded as a taste-for-calories exchange. The popcorn variety in question represents nothing more than usual popcorn, enriched with abundance of butter, and more so calories. In 35 g we find round 160 calories, out of which 108 come directly from fat.Caramel popcorn – given the presence of the caramel coating on top, the amount of calories goes up accordingly. A serving of 28.3 g has approximately 122 calories. But, given the fact that the caramel coating is mostly made of sugar, and almost no butter, those calories are to a great extent based in carbohydrates. Polyunsaturated fats rise up to the point of 1.3 g, with monounsaturated to the mark of 0.8. Worrying is the amount of sugar – 15.1 g, whereas carbohydrates reach as much as 22.4 g.

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