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Broccoli has many things to offer to our body and here we will discuss about what your body can gain by eating broccoli. This vegetable may not look that attractive when you see it in your plate, especially, for children. Kids often refuse to eat it and really hate it, which is because they don’t know how much broccoli can benefit to their health. It is very hard for kids to understand that. However, you can prepare this vegetable in different ways so that it can be tastier, and by doing that, the kids will definitely eat it. Regular intake of broccoli can prevent many medical conditions.

Calories in broccoli

Here are some data on how many calories broccoli contains. One cup of broccoli soup (canned cream) has 90 calories, whereas the same amount of drained broccoli with no salt contains 25 calories. One cup of sliced raw broccoli gives us 30 calories. As you can see, it is very low in calories, so there is no danger that you will gain weight by eating it.

If you decide to prepare steamed broccoli, here are some data about its nutritional values. Steamed broccoli contains no calories or any kind of fat, and it also doesn’t have cholesterol and sodium. However, it contains 3% of carbohydrates, 6% of proteins and even 24% of dietary fibers.

Health benefits of broccoli

Eating broccoli can give us plenty of calcium, vitamins A, B6, C and K. As we all know, vitamin C is very important in order to destroy free radicals in our body. Sulforaphane is a substance present in this vegetable and it also works as an antioxidant. Broccoli contains a lot of minerals that are essential for our health such as manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus and many more. It is very efficient in fighting against tumors and preventing their occurrence, and the same goes for various types of cancers. Dietary fibers in the broccoli are very helpful when it comes to difficult evacuation of bowels.

This vegetable can also prevent infections caused by viruses or bacteria due to a substance called diindolylmethanem. If you are pregnant, eating broccoli will lower the chances of any kind of complications. It can help you to reduce weight, levels of cholesterol and minimize the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

You can prepare broccoli in different ways, but you will gain most nutritive substances if you eat it raw. Since having so many compounds that are healthy, broccoli should be eaten every day.

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