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Characteristics of Eyelashes

Apart from being an inseparable part ofhuman aesthetics, this type of body hair serves other purposes aswell. First of all, eyelashes protect eyes from various outsidefactors such as dust. They act as a filter of sorts, preventingunwanted materials from entering our eyes. However, they might fallout due to numerous different factors and causes. Sometimes,accidentally or on purpose, people may pluck their eyelashes out. Aneyelash will most probably grow back. Nevertheless, this process maylast for up to eight weeks. Therefore, it is important to keep oureyelashes safe in order for them to keep our eyes safe. Sometimes,they may fall out from other reasons. Namely our diet, improperlifestyle, and many other things may stand behind our eyelash loss.

What Causes One to Lose His or HerEyelashes?

First of all, one of the most commonreasons behind eyelash loss is nothing more than aging. People, whileexperiencing different hormonal changes and imbalances in theirorganisms, present during aging and menopause, may lose theireyelashes, just as they lose their hair on other places.Nevertheless, by seeking medical advice, they might be able to causetheir eyelashes to regrow, providing their body with supplementscrucial for these purposes.

Secondly, a common case of infectionmay cause one's eyelids to fall out or get destroyed. Differentbacteria or parasites may inhabit the area where the follicles ofone's eyelashes are. Then, these organisms may cause infectionsresulting in one's loss of his or her eyelids as well as theappearance of certain excrements around the spot.

Additionally, different cosmeticproducts and tools which are either applied on or involve youreyelashes, may all cause them to fall out. Therefore, usage of lowquality mascaras or other cosmetic products of this type is notrecommended. Also, physical bending or any violent deformation ofone's eyelashes causes them to get damaged or fall out. Thus, avoidthese approaches as well. Similarly, some people may have the urge ofpulling out their eyelashes for no specific reasons. This conditioncan be fatal for this type of body hair and is therefore notrecommended at all.

Finally, one rubbing his or hereyelashes hard may cause them to fall out. Also, other medicalconditions such as some gland problems as well as several others addon to the list of possible causes.

In cases of infections or some otherdiseases causing this condition, it is best to seek medicalattention. However, for all other reasons, changing one's lifestyleregarding habits damaging his or her eyelashes, may prove to besufficient enough.

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