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Eyelashes are hairs which grow on the tip of our eyelid. The main purpose of these hairs is not a single one. Namely, our lashes direct the water away from our eyes, leading it onto our face. Also, eyelashes keep our eyes safe from dust, harmful microorganisms and other such exposures. Finally, whenever some unknown material is about to enter our eyes, eyelashes act as a warning, triggering the closure of the eyelids.

Eyelashes and Human Beings

We get our eyelashes developed between the 22nd and 26th week of our embryo period. Another interesting fact is that, once pulled out, our lashes need about eight weeks to grow back. Additionally, they might differ in color when compared to the rest of our bodily hair, being darker or lighter. Finally, the eyelash follicles contain numerous glands which are very important for proper functioning of our body.

However, the human society perceives eyelashes as a signs of beauty, especially when it comes to the female part of the population. Basically, the longer the eyelashes are, the more beautiful they will be. Humans enhance their eyelashes with cosmetic products, making them appear longer and more prominent, attracting attention to the eyes. Today, people also use false eyelashes which are usually abnormally long, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the wearer.

Nevertheless, our eyelashes can also develop diseases. Mandarosis and blepharitis are conditions which result in loss of eyelashes. Additionally, distichiasis stands for abnormal growth of these parts of our body hair. Eyelashes can also be ingrown, leading to trichiasis, or infected by parasitic microorganisms. Also, some people may suffer from a disorder which makes them pull out their eyelashes violently.

Eyelash Cosmetics

Many people opt for different eyelash cosmetics in order to boost their aesthetic appeal. However, if you are not choosing these products carefully, you might risk losing the eyelashes or damaging the area surrounding them, causing irritation and other problems of this type.

Today, you can even opt for an eyelash surgery, which is a very expensive process, granting you the eyelashes you have always desired. However, due to the riskiness of the procedure and the price, it is best to opt for cosmetic products, being the best alternative.

Idol Lash is one of the best products for your eyelashes. It is a formula which will enable you to have thick and long eyelashes in no time. Idol Lash consists of a serum and an eyelash conditioner, being effective through a period of four weeks. Even men use this product to enhance their eyelashes and make them healthier. In fact, 100% of this product is made of natural ingredients, being completely safe for usage. Nevertheless, you can try the trial pack of this product before opting for the full product.

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