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The Fall of Beauty

Eyelashes are considered an importanttrait in human aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for womenwho are capable of spending enormous amounts of time and money onlyto make their eyelashes look long and healthy. On the other hand,perhaps subconsciously, men are attracted to long lashes of women.The vicious circle of beauty therefore remains constant.Nevertheless, numerous factors may cause one to lose his or hereyelashes. This may manifest through eyelash deterioration or,perhaps, through total fall out of all eyelashes a person possesses.Their loss is not always a part of the natural aging process. Rather,it is often caused by something more serious. Thus, it is veryimportant to notice the symptoms of this phenomenon and take all thenecessary measures in order to prevent possible loss of the importantbeauty agents of yours.

Reasons Behind Eyelash Loss

First of all, there is aging. As withmost of our bodily hair, aging influences our eyelashes as well.Namely, at older age, one may experience a downfall in his or hereyelash quality and a significant decrease in their quantity. Verycommonly, this loss is triggered by a long time use of differentcosmetic products related to eyelashes as well as eyelash curvers.Sometimes, the products you are using contain chemicals which maytrigger eyelash loss. Therefore, it is best to use high qualityproducts of this type, or to restrain yourself from using these atthe first place. Additionally, having a nasty habit of plucking youeyelashes does not help you at all. On the contrary, prolongedpracticing of this habit may lead to various infections.

As far as infections are concerned,your eyelids may get infected by different bacteria, triggering yourloss of eyelashes. Namely, the oil glands inside this area getinhabited by these microorganisms. Eventually, swelling andirritation occurs, resulting in your eyelashes falling out.Alternatively, mites which are usually somewhere on the other partsof our skin, feeding on dead parts of it, may migrate to someone'seyelids, leading to deterioration of these hairs and their eventualloss.

Finally, malnutrition or certain drugsall may have this phenomenon as a side-effect. Sometimes, somediseases which decrease one's immunity may manifest themselvesthrough both hair and eyelash loss.

Possible Treatment

Adequate treatment depends greatly uponthe underlying cause of this condition. Thus, it is of greatimportance that you seek medical attention upon noticing the symptomsmentioned above.

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