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A Fact or Two about Tearing Eyes

Tearing eyes can prove to be more thana mild discomfort causing many problems and discomforts. Thiscondition as its name suggests, manifests through excessiveproduction of tears from the eyes. Usually, tears in the eyes arenormal, since these keep our eyes clean and protect them fromdifferent infections acting as our organism's system of defense.However, if your eyes produce excessive amount of tears too often,there might be an underlying problem causing this. Then, you need tolook further into the phenomenon and seek proper treatment for it.

Manifestations of Tearing Eyes

Apart from the above mentionedexcessive tear production, you might experience several othersymptoms while suffering from tearing eyes. Namely, you might haveproblems with your sight since the constant tears in your eyes mayblur your vision. Also, redness or lumps may appear in the corners ofyour eyes. Finally, your eyelids may become irritated, causing youdiscomfort.

Reasons behind Tearing Eyes

Generally, even though this conditionmay affect all people, those who are over forty years old present aspecial risk group. One of the most common reasons behind this eyeproblem is the so-called dry eye syndrome. The dryness of one's eyescauses the organism to produce additional tears, actually doinglittle to help, causing more problems in return.

Another possible cause of thisphenomenon may be a clogged tear duct. Here, there is a probabilitythat a nasal tear duct gets clogged, where all excessive tears getexpelled through the eyes, leading to all the symptoms usuallyconnected with this problem. Alternatively, our eyelash follicles maysuffer from a bacterial infection, triggering eye irritation whichcauses excessive tear production. Allergies or seborrheic dermatitismay provoke different kinds of irritations, leading to the sameproblem. Finally, our lower eyelid may become saggy, causing ourtears to fall down our cheeks instead of being directed to some otherparts of our body, where they would be expelled in a different way.

Treating Tearing Eyes

Since there are many different causes,there are many possible treatments, depending on the very causebehind tearing eyes. Therefore, if dust, smoke or other externalfactors are causing your tearing eyes, artificial eye drops may solvethe problem. On the other hand, allergic reactions are stopped byantihistamine medications. Nevertheless, it is best to seekprofessional help, since, once you visit a doctor, he/she willperform necessary tests, finding a direct cause of your tearing eyesproblem, prescribing you the best possible therapy. Finally, if yousuffer from teary eyes, you should protect them from environmentalinfluences, or soothe them with warm compresses.

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