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There are situations when our eyelids can start twitching chronically, making our life significantly harder. Namely, this anomaly may interfere with our daily activities and performance. Apart from that, it can be extremely annoying and irritating, especially when you start experiencing it. Thus, in order to find out about possible treatments for this condition, you need to know what the symptoms of it are, as well as what are the reasons behind it. Therefore, if you are interested in all these things, perhaps the following lines may prove to be worthy of your attention.

Reasons behind Eyelid Twitches

There are many different possible causes of this problem. However, some of the most common are excessive blinking, too much exposure to extremely strong lights, stress, allergies and certain medications. However, the list of “possible suspects” does not end here. Rather, sleeping deficiency, eye exhaustion and many other things are all capable of delivering the same symptoms to your everyday life. Even though these twitches may last for a short time and they can come and go interchangeably, they are considered to be caused by an underlying problem once they remain persistent for about 24 hours. This being said, as soon as you notice this anomaly pestering you for a longer period of time, you are advised to seek medical assistance immediately. Many people ignore their eyelid twitches, hoping that they will get away eventually, and cease to appear. However, by prolonging this, you can only make things worse since your eyelids may start closing on their own, or may twitch without cessation.

Possible Treatment

Upon visiting your doctor, after examining you, he/she is likely to recommend a specific type of medications made for this purposes. If they fail to make your problems go away, the plan B usually involves surgery. Alternatively, botox injection have proven to be extremely helpful since they make the muscle in the eyelid incapable of contracting, therefore solving your problems.

Also, if you are being troubled by this problem, you might try eating bananas, since these contain potassium, excellent for twitching removal. Alternatively, you might place a slice of a potato or a cucumber on your eyelids or use rose water to clean and relax your tired eyes. All these methods are highly effective and are, therefore, recommended for all those who desire to try solving their eye twitching problem naturally.

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